Newport Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys

In the world of criminal law, there is not a concrete rulebook that states how each specific case should be handled or what the best course of action is for a person’s particular situation. Every individual’s criminal case is different, requiring legal counsel and representation from an attorney who has seen it all and isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. Maltaise Cini, Newport Beach criminal defense attorney at law, has 17 years of experience in California as a lawyer and was also admitted to the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1991. As a devoted candidate for human rights, Ms. Cini is committed to ensuring that her clients’ rights are aggressively defended to obtain positive case outcomes.

Newport Beach is a heavily populated and diverse area in which people are arrested for various crimes and offenses every day. While social stigma and fear often makes citizens quick to jump to conclusions about someone who has been arrested or even convicted of a crime, individuals are wrongfully accused and wrongfully convicted much more than most people realize. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you or your loved one, be sure that you don’t choose just any Newport Beach criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. You want an attorney who has experience handling cases that directly relate to the charges being held against you as well as other offenses. This detailed understanding and versatility provides your case leverage due to having an attorney on your side that has a full and solid grip on the wide scope of criminal law and the different types of defenses that may be available to you.

For a substantial period of her service as an attorney, Ms. Cini only dealt with high profile cases. She was second chair on a major death penalty case, People v. Tanya Nelson, handling the penalty phase. The case is only one of many examples of Ms. Cini’s dedicated and relentless efforts to committing the necessary time required for complex cases to be resolved efficiently.

Maltaise Cini devoted twelve years to serving with the Public Defender’s Office, gaining extensive experience, skills, and knowledge with domestic violence when working in the Domestic Violence Courtroom. In order to be an attorney on this panel, you have to have tried a certain number of felony cases. Ms. Cini also acquired an invaluable and firm understanding of drug crimes while devoting a significant amount of time in the Public Defender’s Office handling cases relating to substance abuse treatment in place of incarceration. With her thorough comprehension of Proposition 36, also known as the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, Ms. Cini provides her clients charged with California drug crimes an arsenal of options when it comes to alternative sentencing, rehabilitation, and community service.

Aside from her commitment to her clients in the courtroom, Ms. Cini participated in bringing national attention to the growing problem of domestic violence in Canada at a time when it wasn’t considered to be a major issue. Ms. Cini wrote two papers submitted to Parliament addressing domestic violence and prostitution in Canada in 1984. Ms. Cini helped key problems relating to domestic violence gain recognition in the courtroom by presenting convincing and cohesive data looking at the issue and the problems with the issue.

As a Newport Beach defense attorney who has handled thousands of criminal cases, there is no case too complex for Maltaise Cini. Time plays an important role in ensuring that criminal charges being held against you are reduced or dismissed altogether. Don’t sell yourself short. Contact the attorney with years of legal experience that you deserve to have to defend your good name. For a free consultation, call Maltaise Cini today at 949-660-1389.

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