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    Best attorney I could have asked for. I was referred to Ms. Cini by a friend of mine and I am so happy for that referral. Every time I spoke with Ms. Cini she was very informative and made sure I understood everything that was going on with my case. The day of my hearing I went in expecting the worst but thanks to Ms. Cini I was able to get my dui court case dismissed. I can’t thank her enough! These reviews don’t lie, if you need a dui attorney, Ms. Cini is the one for you.

    - Ricardo OUTCOME: Case dismissed after suppression motion filed and argued.


    Look no further for an attorney who is very aggressive and stands up to the courts and gets the job done. I hired two other attorneys that could not get me out of a 90 day jail sentence. I live in Louisiana and got a DUI in California while I was there working. I hired Maltaise and she got my mandatory jail time reduced to house arrest to satisfy my time. For that , I am greatful for her hard work and dedication. I highly recommend her! She is not a go with the flow lawyer! She will fight for you!

    - Jason OUTCOME: 90 days home confinement client was able to keep job and serve time in Louisiana


    Mrs. Maltaise Cini is an outstanding criminal defense attorney. Finding her is a true blessing. She is extremely insightful, intelligent and trustworthy throughout the whole process of my case. She has genuine compassion. She helped me emotionally through difficult period of my life. She returned phone calls in a timely manner and took time to explain in details any questions/concerns and court proceedings with integrity. She always tried the best to get the best outcome no matter what it took ie: going to court many times. I am very happy with the DISMISSED outcome. This enormous burden has been lifted off my shoulder so I can now fully focused on my life. I wish to express my deepest appreciation for her professionalism, expertise and sensitivity. Please know that I would highly recommend without reservation to anyone in need of criminal defense matter in the future. Thank you to Mrs. Maltaise Cini. You will not make mistake in choosing her to defend for you.

    - OUTCOME: Case dismissed, client was a physician who was able to keep his license.


    The only Attorney I will ever hire
    I have had my life saved (literally) twice by Maltaise Cini. In 1995 she represented me on a Three Strikes case, rather than 25 to life, I received (4) four years. Let’s remember in 1995 there were no deals allowed and how she did that is still unknown to me. Unfortunately in 2002 I was convicted in a different case under theThree Strikes Law and was sentenced to 25 to Life. ( in 2002 Maltaise Cini was working at the Public Defenders Office in Orange County and was not for hire).Fast forward to 2013 and the passage of Proposition 36 (Three Strikes Reform Act). I hired her to file my petition and represent me on yet another life changing event, and again her professionalism, hard work and dedication came through with flying colors as I have regained my freedom and my family. She is more than an attorney that I trust, she is a life-long friend to me and my entire family, whom we all are externally grateful to.

    - Roger OUTCOME: Client received credit time served and raising his children



    I was recently charged for many charges…including brandashing a firearm on a peace officer, posession of a firearm,and so on…..i was in a tight spot and knew i needed a lawyer….so my family searched all over the internet and found maltaise cini..and first court date she had me out on o.r. and was very professional and sympathetic to my situation and worked gently with me step by step….she calls u back when u leave a voicemail and is very attentive to the case…truely a professional and great at what she does..i highly recommended her for any of ur defense needs….after all i was charged with, i was looking at a few years in prison with my 1st strike. m. cini got me a minimum sentence of 90 days with 50% and only 3 years probation….a great deal!!!! it was a true blessing to have representation by maltaise cini…..please do yourself or your family members a favor and look no further, maltaise cini can handle the case

    - Jeremey OUTCOME: Client plead guilty to a non strike case and received 90 days jail.

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    A Great Legal Advisor
    Mrs. Cini and I first met in 2008, during our appointments together she learned a lot about me and I of her. She was efficient and persistent in my Criminal Defense, my co defendants stated they wished she was defending them instead of their attorneys. In trail she is aggressive and relentless. She always kept me well informed of my options, never disagreeing with my decisions. She is still my Attorney in 2014 on a related matter, I still look to her for guidance and advice during my ordeal.

    - Andrew OUTCOME: