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Drug crimes are serious offenses, and in California, they can include any unlawful act that involves an illegal substance, including marijuana, PCP, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines, as well as prescription drugs like Vicodin and Oxycontin. In Orange County, drug crimes can involve serious charges that can result in life-altering consequences, including significant fines, mandatory community service and prison time. Conviction of a drug crime in Orange County also results in a permanent mark on your criminal record, a consequence that can have a far-reaching impact, even hampering your ability to get a job.

Working with an Orange County Drug Attorney

Whether you’re facing a charge of drug sales, drug trafficking or drug possession, you need an Orange County attorney who understands the very serious implications of those charges and is skilled at determining the best ways to defend yourself and your rights. In Orange County and throughout Southern California, drug trafficking, drug sales and drug possession crimes are prevalent, and to prohibit illegal drug activity and decrease associated criminal activity, the state has adopted a harsh penalty system and intense legal process that can move very swiftly. Drug crime laws are complex and the consequences are severe. Having an Orange County drug lawyer who understands the exacting legal process is essential to protecting your rights and mounting a successful defense.

Newport Beach criminal defense attorney Maltaise Cini has worked with clients throughout Orange County to help them build the strongest defenses possible so they can avoid or minimize penalties associated with drug-related charges. With more than two decades in the justice system, Ms. Cini has earned the reputation of a tenacious, aggressive criminal defense attorney who spends countless hours helping her clients defend themselves and protect their rights against an array of charges, including:

  • Drug sales
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia
  • drug possession with intent to distribute or sell
  • Prescription drug crimes
  • Drug crimes involving minors
  • drug manufacturing and cultivation

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In Southern California, prosecution of drug crimes is more aggressive than ever. You need an attorney on your side who can match that aggression so you aren’t left unprotected and vulnerable to life-changing penalties.
No matter what kind of charges or “evidence” you’re facing, Maltaise Cini is ready to fight tirelessly to protect your rights and your future. As a leading Newport Beach drug lawyer, Ms. Cini knows the success of a criminal case rests largely on the evidence gathered, and she spends hours gathering evidence and testimony so your voice will be heard and your best interests will be protected.

If you’re facing a drug charge, working with an experienced and skilled Orange County drug attorney is essential. Call Maltaise Cini today at 949-660-1389 to schedule your free consultation at her Newport Beach practice so you can take those first important steps toward protecting your rights and your future.