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Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious charge, and as a result, there can be serious repercussions for those who are charged with a DUI under California law.

In Orange County, DUI cases have two components: the DMV hearing, which can have an impact on your license and driving privileges, and the criminal charges, which involves statutory violations and can result in jail time.

Because DUI charges involve two sets of distinctly different violations, the laws overseeing these cases are complex, and defending yourself and protecting your rights can be exceedingly difficult. Understanding your rights and your obligations in mounting a successful defense requires in-depth knowledge of California law and the step-by-step guidance of a skilled and experienced Orange County DUI attorney.

Orange County DUI charges: What you need to know

Under the DMV charges, you have 10 days to request a hearing. Should you fail to do so, your license will be automatically suspended 30 days following your arrest whether or not you’re ultimately found guilty of a DUI by the court. To ensure your side of the story is well represented and your rights are fully protected, you need an Orange County DUI lawyer by your side every step of the way.

As a leading Newport Beach DUI attorney, Maltaise Cini has extensive experience in successfully defending against DUI charges, and an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the laws. Having her by your side at the initial DMV hearing is essential for the success of your case, as well as the criminal case that follows. Criminal cases can involve misdemeanor charges, felony charges or both, and the penalties can be significant, especially if you’ve had a prior DUI arrest or your accident results in injury to another person.

Working with an Orange County DUI attorney

DUI cases – both the DMV component and the criminal case – are based on many technical details, including measurements of your blood alcohol levels along with many other factors. Working side-by-side with an experienced Orange County DUI attorney as soon as the charges are filed is the best way to ensure the most positive outcome.

Under state laws, a DUI conviction can result in suspension of your driver’s license, heavy fines, DUI school and even jail time, depending on whether or not this is your first DUI offense, whether you had a child in the car at the time of your arrest, and other factors. In some cases, you can face permanent loss of your license as well as substantial time behind bars.

Maltaise Cini is a top DUI lawyer in Newport Beach and Orange County, dedicated to helping her clients mount the strongest defense possible and aggressively protecting their rights every step of the way. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need to begin working with a top Orange County DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Call Maltaise Cini today at 949-660-1389 to schedule your consultation and take the first steps to a better, stronger defense.