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  • I would highly recommend this lawyer.

    She is professional, respectful and very good at her job. She helped my family during a very hard time, and I can honestly say she went above and beyond her job. She has helped us in areas that were not required. She also cares about her clients, and takes your situation personally. I felt relaxed and happy with her services from beginning to end. If ever put in a tough situation again, I will definitely turn to her for help!!!

  • She treated me like I was her most important client.

    I was charged with a DUI. I was very scared and intimidated by the entire court process. Ms. Cini, treated me like I was her only client. She walked me through the entire process. I felt confident that everything was going to work out fine with her handling me case. She always returned me calls and was answered my many questions. She got me a fantastic result on my case. One could not ask for a better attorney. She is well known and respected by the judges and DA’s. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a professional attorney who is on your side and treats you with respect.

    Client plead guilty to a wet reckless.

  • Fights for you all the way.

    I came to Ms. Cini very scared. I am a professional and was facing serious consequences both criminally and professionally given the situation that I was in. Ms. Cini did an amazing job. Fortunatly the mess I got myself into ended up being resolved without any consequences to my professional license. Ms. Cini knows what she is doing. Given this was a felony I was required to be in court with her for ever court appearance. She is well known and respected by both the judges and the District Attorney. She kept me informed of what was happening the entire time and always had the time to answer my questions which were plenty. I do not know where I would be today if I did not hire her.


    Mrs. Maltaise Cini is an outstanding criminal defense attorney. Finding her is a true blessing. She is extremely insightful, intelligent and trustworthy throughout the whole process of my case. She has genuine compassion. She helped me emotionally through difficult period of my life. She returned phone calls in a timely manner and took time to explain in details any questions/concerns and court proceedings with integrity. She always tried the best to get the best outcome no matter what it took ie: going to court many times. I am very happy with the DISMISSED outcome. This enormous burden has been lifted off my shoulder so I can now fully focused on my life. I wish to express my deepest appreciation for her professionalism, expertise and sensitivity. Please know that I would highly recommend without reservation to anyone in need of criminal defense matter in the future. Thank you to Mrs. Maltaise Cini. You will not make mistake in choosing her to defend for you.

    Case was dismissed.

  • A Great Legal Advisor

    Mrs. Cini and I first met in 2008, during our appointments together she learned a lot about me and I of her. She was efficient and persistent in my Criminal Defense, my co defendants stated they wished she was defending them instead of their attorneys. In trail she is aggressive and relentless. She always kept me well informed of my options, never disagreeing with my decisions. She is still my Attorney in 2014 on a related matter, I still look to her for guidance and advice during my ordeal.

    Client was charged with 150 counts of insurance fraud and tax evasion. Client was facing a potential of over 40 years in state prison. Client received 4 years state prison.

  • The only Attorney I will ever hire

    I have had my life saved (literally) twice by Maltaise Cini. In 1995 she represented me on a Three Strikes case, rather than 25 to life, I received (4) four years. Let’s remember in 1995 there were no deals allowed and how she did that is still unknown to me. Unfortunately in 2002 I was convicted in a different case under the Three Strikes Law and was sentenced to 25 to Life. ( in 2002 Maltaise Cini was working at the Public Defenders Office in Orange County and was not for hire).Fast forward to 2013 and the passage of Proposition 36 (Three Strikes Reform Act). I hired her to file my petition and represent me on yet another life changing event, and again her professionalism, hard work and dedication came through with flying colors as I have regained my freedom and my family. She is more than an attorney that I trust, she is a life-long friend to me and my entire family, whom we all are externally grateful to.

    Client was senentced to 25 years to life. Client was given credit time served and is home with his family.

  • Amazing

    This is an amazing lawyer that I will exclusively use if I ever have problems.
    She sticks by you through the whole process and you can tell that she really cares how everything turns out for you. She is great at walking you through the whole process of what is going on and keeping you informed at all times. I hate that I had to use a lawyer, but picking a good one like her makes the whole process much less stressful!
    Cannot say enough to tell you how responsive, responsible, knowledgeable and caring she is.

    Client was given probation and eventually able to get matter expunged.

  • Hope and inspiration

    Maltaise gave me hope and inspiration back when she came in to my life…I was fighting a case for over a year and all i would hear was bad news, 6 years, 7 years…as soon as Maltaise took over my case she did not waste my time she filed motions and worked hard on my case .My time was brought down to 2 years time served and thanks to her persistence and professional hard work I was able to go home for mothers day. I am forever grateful to her dedication.

    Client was charged with the possession for sales, gang allegations and a prior strike. Client received 2 years state prison.

  • She saved my life

    Maltaise Cini is a straight shooter, she won’t sugar coat anything, she is also very intelligent, Insightful and personable. Her experience as a criminal defense attorney has been more than assuring for me! Give her the facts, let her do what she does best, (that would be defending you) and she will! My case had several twists and turns that could have landed me in jail or prison but every time I went to court I walked away free, sometimes against seemingly impossible odds. Maltaise has a cool confident ease in any courtroom situation I am very grateful for her services and upholding justice! I STRONGLY recommend her for your attorney I am free today because of her experience and skills as a seasoned attorney thank you Maltaise.

  • Best attorney I could have asked for.

    I was referred to Ms. Cini by a friend of mine and I am so happy for that referral. Every time I spoke with Ms. Cini she was very informative and made sure I understood everything that was going on with my case. The day of my hearing I went in expecting the worst but thanks to Ms. Cini I was able to get my dui court case dismissed. I can’t thank her enough! These reviews don’t lie, if you need a dui attorney, Ms. Cini is the one for you.
    Case was dismissed after filing and arguing a motion to suppress the evidence.

  • Gratitude

    It was the weekend and as reality set in, the severity of my situation was becoming clear to me that I was going to need an attorney immediately. I had no idea who to turn to. I’m a conservative mom living in Newport Beach. I thought that events like this happened to ‘other people’. I was embarrassed and nervous. I don’t even have traffic ticket. I certainly wasn’t going to call friends to ask about a criminal defense attorney. I found Maltaise on Avvo. I chose her because of her excellent rating. She answered my call (on the weekend). It didn’t even go to voicemail! She went to work right away. She was kind, compassionate and reassuring. Most importantly she was successful. I am extremely grateful for her. She literally saved the lives of all parties involved.
    Domestic Violence case was not filed.

  • Aggressive and Caring Attorney

    Maltaise is an aggressive yet caring attorney. I was charged with Domestic Violence. For me the consequences were severe as a conviction would directly impact my career. Not only did Ms. Cini keep me out of custody, she helped me emotionally through a very difficult period in my life. She was very aggressive in court fighting until we got the resolution that I wanted. I would strongly recommend her to anyone facing criminal charges. She will handle your case professional and competently while making you feel that you are here number one client.
    Through negotiations with the District Attorney, Client was able to earn a dismissal.


Attorney Reviews

  • I have known Maltaise ever since she started practicing. She is intelligent, highly respected in the legal community, knowledgeable, and is dedicated to her clients. She is both caring to those she represents and is amazingly effective when dealing with judges and opposing counsel. I cannot endorse her highly enough – she’s one of the people that I can recommend without reservation.
    -Attorney Miller

  • Ms. Cini is an excellent lawyer with impressive skills you need in a criminal matter. You will benefit from her years of experience, familiarity with the court and opposing counsel, and all around great reputation.
    -Attorney Le

  • Maltaise is a highly skilled criminal defense attorney. She has worked in the community for years and is well-respected by the prosecuting attorneys and Judges. Maltaise will fight for your rights and has the experience to negotiate your case for an excellent outcome or take it all the way through jury trial.
    -Attorney Faul

  • Having had the privilege of working with Maltaise on different criminal cases, I know her to be hard working, committed to her clients’ defense, bright, perceptive, and an outstanding criminal defense attorney. I recommend her without reservation.
    -Attorney Dunn

  • Attorney Cini has tremendous knowledge of the criminal system as a former public defender. She worked with me on a custody case with high stakes and we relied heavily upon her impressive knowledge of the “foster care” system to maintain custody on behalf of our client. I highly recommend Attorney Cini.
    -Attorney Miller

  • Ms. Cini was prompt, professional, and articulate in all our conversations. She got our mutual client a great result, despite the fact that she substituted in late in the case, and had an uphill battle to fight.
    -Attorney Carter

  • I am a business attorney. I referred a client to Ms. Cini for a misdemeanor citation given to his business. If the client was convicted it would have meant that he would have to make expensive modifications to his business operation. Ms. Cini worked the matter out with the DA and my client was pleased with the outcome.
    -Attorney Teal